VIDEO: Two insurgents killed after gun fight with security forces at resort in Pattani

Jun 23, 2021 | 

A video taken at the Awada Resort in Pattani in the far south of Thailand was more than three minutes long and featured the sound of dozens of rounds of gunfire. 

Holed up in the resort were three men believed to be involved in the death of three family members in April.

Security forces surrounded the resort – on the beach in Yaring district – at 3 am when there was ten minutes of shooting, reported Daily News.

By 5 am religious leaders were brought in to try and diffuse the situation.


Picture: Daily News

The standoff came after a male trader, his daughter and a younger male relative were killed then set on fire on the way to sell their goods in Narathiwas in April. 

Thai media reported that two suspected insurgents were killed during the battle and a local fisherman was injured in the crossfire.