Video: Netizens irate after car blocks ambulance carrying unconscious man – 500 baht’s the fine

Jun 07, 2021 | 

Sanook reported that netizens on Facebook were furious after a video showed a white car going along a road in Nakhon Sri Thammarat in southern Thailand blocking an ambulance. 

The car was in the right lane and despite a blaring siren and many honks on the horn the driver did not pull over. 

Worse – the driver was deliberately braking and nearly caused a collision on seveal occasions as the Chulalongkorn Hospital ambulance tried to pass. 

In the back was a person who had fallen from a height, had broken their leg and suffered a head injury that had left them unconscious. 

The patient was being transferred to Maharat Nakhon Sri Thammarat Hospital  on Saturday afternoon. 

A video showed the driver of the ambulance eventually decide to undertake.

Sanook did not say why the ambulance driver did not take this option before though previous reports have suggested that ambulance drivers are reluctant to do this for fear of causing an accident themselves.

They said that under Article 76 this irresponsible driving blocking an ambulance was an offence punishable by a 500 baht fine. 

If the patient were to die as a result of this driving then they could be charged with negligence causing death, with a far more serious penalty.

Advocates of changes to the fines for traffic offences in Thailand have said that such paltry fines are no deterrent to appalling driving like this, notes Thaivisa.

But despite reviews the fine remains 500 baht – just US $16.