Video: Gold shop owners fight back despite armed robbers – gun jams and they flee with 500,000 baht in jewelry

Jun 23, 2021 | 

Dramatic footage from the Yaowarat Wiang Haeng gold shop in Muang Haeng sub-district of Chiang Mai showed an armed robbery.

Two men had arrived on a motorcycle wearing helmets and one had gone into the shop and inquired about gold jewelry.

Suddenly he pulls a gun on the male owner of the shop who fights back. 

In the melee a chair is thrown and the wife of the man appears. 

A gun is aimed but does not go off. 


Picture: Daily News

The robber shouted “Wanna die do you?” before he vaults the counter and helps himself to 20 one baht weight gold necklaces worth half a million baht. 

The men then escaped on the motorcycle. 

Wiang Haeng police are investigating, reported Daily News