Unfair – not enough medical staff: Facebook post highlights ongoing struggle with Covid in Thailand

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Sanook reported that Thai social media users were busy sharing a story after a picture of a Covid-19 hospital staffer who had fainted outside a ward was posted on Facebook.

The lady had been wearing PPE so long she had passed out, the post claimed. 

It said that the staff levels were insufficient to cope and it had been that way ever since the first wave until now. 

It mentioned 14 Covid patients and 2 PUI (patients under investigation). There were onlty 3 nurses and two “PN” staff. 

They said they had more duties each and every day and “it was just not fair”.

The picture of the flaked out nurse was widely shared.

Sanook decided to ‘vaseline’ out the name of the poster and did not reveal where this had occurred. 

ASEAN Now notes that Thailand has strict defamation laws.