Twenty employees of Chinese backed loan sharking operation manage to flee despite RTP top brass raid

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Twenty employees of a Chinese backed loan sharking operation managed to “flee the scene” despite a raid by top brass Thai police.

The raiding party at Phailin Park on Ratanathibet Road Soi 28 in Nonthaburi was headed by Pol Maj-Gen Suwat Saengnum accompanied by Pol Col Pornsak Laorujiralai and Pol Col Bunleu Phadungthin armed with a search warrant and assisted by other officers.

There were 50 employees at three buildings but 20 managed to escape arrest.

130 computers were taken into evidence. The equipment was spread throughout the converted offices at the three, four story buildings. 

Police said that the loan sharking operation – through “Chang Pheuak and Chang Archeep ‘best loans” sites – had been running for years.

But they were constantly moving around and had been located in Chiang Rai, Phetchaburi and Chonburi in the past.

They had been in their present offices for the last two months. 

A Chinese investor is behind the business. 

Naew Na made much of the “cruel” nature of the loans largely skirting over the fact so many people slipped away, notes Thaivisa. 

Forty percent of the loan was subtracted at source but the full amount had to be repaid. 

That is to say if someone borrowed 2,000 baht they would only get 1,200 baht but when the loan period is up – usually 7 days – they would have to repay the full 2,000 baht.

After that interest is usually charged on top.