Three girls drown in pond in Chaiyaphum

Jun 21, 2021 | 

Tragedy struck in the sub-district of Non Kok in Chaiyaphum on Saturday when three girls died in a pond in a field. 

They were Cream, aged 5, Fang, 6, and ten year old Pam. They all lived next door to each other and were relatives. 

They were found dead in a ten meter x five meter pond in a field behind their houses on Saturday evening. 

Former phoo yai ban and grandfather of Cream, Buathong, 60, told Sanook that the children were playing in the street earlier in the day. 

But they went missing and a search was organized. 

A bucket was seen floating in the two meter deep pond and three pairs of shoes were found at the edge.

Their muddied bodies were then retrieved.

It is believed that the girls took the bucket to the pond to float in it but it overturned and in trying to help each other they all drowned. 

None of them could swim.