Thai man, aged 70, spends eight hours under water at sand pit but survives

Jun 17, 2021 | 

Workers at a sand suction pit near the Trang River in southern Thailand wondered what had happened to their colleague Narong, 70, after he went under water to position a sand suction head. 

Attached to an oxygen stream he entered the water at 9 am but by 11.40 he still had not surfaced. 

It soon emerged he had got stuck under the water and the Sawang Phakdee Trang rescue services and a large dive team rushed to the pit. 

They found Narong – an experienced worker at the site – was under 5 meters of water but still alive thanks to the oxygen support line. 

His body from the waist down to the legs had become squashed by a large log. Though bleeding profusely he had managed to remain conscious throughout his ordeal. 


Picture: Daily News

Rescue workers and two divers utilizing a backhoe managed to remove the log and free him in a four hour operation.

He was seriously hurt but was now recovering and out of danger in Trang Hospital, reported Daily News.

The head of the rescue team said that during the suction process the log had someone moved and trapped Narong under the water.