Quarantine on a raft! Idea in south floats the boat of officials looking for field hospital beds

Jun 28, 2021 | 

Health officials in Yala in the far south of Thailand are battling Covid-19 infections that have shot past 1,000 and are rising at up to 200 a day, reported INN

Field hospitals are full and using schools is not practical as staff have returned to them even if they are not open.

So Dr Matcharan Taleh said they had hit on the idea of renting large rafts used in the tourism industry.


Picture: INN

They suited the requirements perfectly as there were no tourists and the rafts – situated on the Bang Lang Dam – were well away from other people.

They could be kitted out with things like beds and fans and necessary equipment and cater to 40 people in quarantine on each boat. 

They are being rented from the owners for 2,500 baht a night to provide extra field hospital capacity.