Phuket Sandbox scare: No truth to rumors of cases of “Delta” variant as island prepares to reopen

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Sanook declared that Phuket was safe after a local doctor dismissed social media claims that ten people had tested positive for the Delta variant, formerly called the Indian variant. 

This came on the eve of the much heralded reopening of Phuket to foreign tourists today, July 1st – the Phuket Sandbox.

Dr Koosak Kookiatkoon of the Phuket Department of Public Health said that all tests were verified by the Bang Jo testing center in Thalang district. 

He had received no notification from them that any of the samples had the new variant. 

Five people who arrived from Bangkok tested positive for Covid-19 with three now in hospitals and two others undergoing more tests. 

Twenty other contacts of the group were in quarantine.

The social media scare was caused after claims that five people on Tuesday and five yesterday had the Delta variant.