Pattaya: 121 foreigners and Thais arrested drinking alcohol at restaurants and beach gatherings

Jun 28, 2021 | 

Siam Chon News reported this morning that at 12.30 am today the Chonburi provincial police and local officers raided two establishments in south Pattaya arresting Thais and foreigners and also arrested 20 people drinking alcohol on the beach. 

In one raid people tried to climb out of the third floor of a building to flee. Some got away. 

The media said the big gatherings represented a fear of a cluster of Covid-19 infections developing from people not obeying the rules on alcohol and gathering. 

The first raid was at The Garden 168 on South Pattaya Road where 28 people and a manager were arrested after being found drinking alcohol. It was a bar with a restaurant covering the illegal activity. 


Picture: Siam Chon News

Raid #2 was bigger. This was at the four story Mo Salah on Walking Street where there are lots of separate rooms.

Alcohol was being consumed at ten tables on the third floor. Patrons – both Thais and foreigners – tried to flee to various rooms and some even climbed down the building.

Some tried to disguise themselves with leaves, said the media without explaining fully. 

Only a proportion of those that fled were detained. At Mo Salah 72 arrests were made. Thirty shisha pipes were found in a room. 


Picture: Siam Chon News

Again, eating as part of a restaurant hid the illegal activity. 

Then at the beach 20 people were arrested for gathering and drinking alcohol. 

In total 121 people were taken to Pattaya police station.