Pachyderm pals forever! Chiang Mai elephant turns artist to help stricken Dumbo

Jun 25, 2021 | 

A video now on YouTube shows a nine year old elephant called Tanwa painting a landscape scene on canvas. 

Tanwa puts in the tree trunks, leaves and some other foliage before signing his name TW. 

An elephant camp in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai said it was part of a “Chang Chuay Chang” scheme – elephant’s helping each other. 

The artwork will be auctioned online with the starting price of 3,000 baht.

It comes after a six year old elephant called Dumbo had to leave the area with his mother and go back to Mae Hong Son because there were no tourists during the pandemic. 

However after their mahout took them naughty Dumbo ate something he shouldn’t have and fell sick. Animal welfare in the area has suggested builing an enclosure for the beasts but the mahout is too poor to afford it.

So now Tanwa is helping out with his artistic skills in the video that Daily News called “narak” or loveable.