Netizens in uproar! Media investigates after claims that three year old is force-fed Mekhong and Lao Khao

Jun 23, 2021 | 

Daily News went to a village in the north east of Thailand after a clip appeared on a “So You Wanna Be famous” site online that suggested a three year old child had been forced to drink spirits. 

Specifically whisky mixed with white spirits. 

The mother of the child was seen forcing the child’s head down as the child vomited.

Another woman was laughing.

This made the netizens of Thailand very irate so reporters hot-footed it to Muang Surin.

But they were rather stonewalled in their investigation. 

Mum was nowhere to be found and so they spoke to the owner of the house who they referred to as Mr Sak. 

He said the child’s mother was always organizing drinks parties at the house with friends with Mekhong whisky and Lao Khao (white spirits) being consumed, sometimes beer, sometimes food to go with it. 

He couldn’t say whether the child had been forced to drink alcohol just that the child was usually there with mum. 

The grandmother of the child was similarly evasive saying that she couldn’t see very well and needed a stick to walk. 

The child spent the weekend with her and the week with other elderly relatives.