Myanmar crepe seller and step mum appeal for help alleging abduction by policeman in Nonthaburi

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Sanook reported on an alarming case of a seller of Japanese crepes from Myanmar who claims he was abducted and threatened by a man who claimed he was a policeman in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi. 

The man’s step mother Jamlong, 50, went with Mack, 32, to seek the help of a lawyer called Pong. 

She said she had known Mack since he was a child and when he grew up she legally adopted him.

He was a hard worker who always supported her. He sold the crepes on a mobile stall.

Mack had had trouble with the Myanmar mafia who ran a protection racket but that was tolerable. 

Then came the pandemic and times got harder.

But this was nothing compared to what happened on Sunday, they claimed. 

Mack was outside when a man who claimed he was a policeman with the Bang Bua Thong force arrived in a taxi driven by another man aged about 40.

The stepmum rushed out to film but had her phone hurled to one side and broken.

Mack was bundled into the back of the taxi and driven off from Rewadee Soi 7 to an area behind Sanam Bin Nam in the downtown Nonthaburi district.

He was repeatedly threatened with being killed and told that his “mother” could not help him now. 

However, after seeing on the Myanmar guy’s phone that his paperwork was in order they let him go with a warning to “watch yourself in the future”.

The lawyer said he would be taking up the case with the police.