Moderna vaccine: Private hospitals will charge 1,200 baht service charge – more than 50% mark-up

Jul 01, 2021 | 

INN reported that the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation are charging private hospitals 1,100 baht for each dose of Moderna vaccine of choice.

GPO chief Withoon Danwiboon said that this fee included tax, distribution charges and liability insurance charges. 

He said that all private hospitals offering the vaccine would charge the same.

This was earlier reassessed as being 3,400 baht for two jabs. 

This means that the hospitals will be charging a 1,200 baht “service charge” to cover their costs. Well over 50%.

INN said that 3.9 million doses of Moderna will be available in the fourth quarter (from October 1st) and 1.1 million doses from the start of next year. 

Registrations at private hospitals and payments for the jabs were expected to begin today, notes Thaivisa.