Koh Samui: Visitors with negative Covid-19 test or 2 doses of vax can enter without quarantine

Jun 09, 2021 | 

The governor of Surat Thani province issued a letter yesterday regarding visitors to Koh Samui, the famed holiday island in his province. 

Wichawut Jinto noted that the pandemic situation on the island had eased significantly and along with many people being vaccinated there already, a change in the rules was in order.

From yesterday onwards, reported Siam Rath,  people who have evidence of a negative PCR test within 72 hours or anyone who has had two doses of vaccine is free to visit without the need to quarantine for 14 days. 

Quarantine remains in force for anyone who does not fit into these categories. 

The governor’s letter also said that officials may test people who have symptoms of fever before allowing them to enter.

He also warned of severe fines and prison sentences for anyone breaking the rules.