Koh Lipe hopes for “New Normal” return to tourism on July 1st

Jun 13, 2021 | 

Thai business media Thansettakij reported on Koh Lipe, the famed holiday island in Satun province in the far south of Thailand.

The media said that pre-pandemic it had almost a million Thai and foreign tourists visiting per year.

Despite the fact there were no Covid-19 cases on Koh Lipe, and only a few in Satun province, the island’s tourism fortunes were devastated. 

Satun recieved 22,200 doses of vaccine – 17,200 Sinovac and 5,000 Astra Zeneca – and on May 20-21st 720 of these went into the arms of tourism personnel on the island. 

The second dose was being administered Thursday and Friday June 10th/11th.

This will mean that 50% of the island’s inhabitants will have been vaccinated.

Now there are hopes that a “New Normal” return to tourism will begin on Koh Lipe starting next month, July 1st.