Hunt on for son who murdered his dad over 1,250 baht

Jul 01, 2021 | 

A phu yai ban in the village of Ban Soknak, Buriram in Thailand’s north east, called in the police after a 72 year old man was found buried in a shallow grave behind his house. 

Pol Capt Somkiat Lithaisong of the Ban Mai Chaiyaphot and forensic teams responded. 

In an area partly concealed by coconut fronds they detected the unmistakable odor of decomposition. 

In a one meter deep hole they found Pae,72, the owner of the house. He had multiple wounds probably inflicted by a scythe to his face, head, arms and body. His right ear had been severed in the ferocious attack.

Bloodstains both within and outside the house indicated the victim had been murdered in a bedroom then dragged outside where he was buried. 

He was found face down dressed in only shorts and wrapped in a bedsheet, reported Sanook

Suspicion immediately fell on the son of the victim a 41 year old called Wichian who neighbor Wirat, 55, said he saw behaving suspiciously with a hammer before he packed up his clothes and fled several days prior. 

He said that the son was into drugs and had attacked his father many times before. 

A search for the missing Pae soon turned up the grave and resulted in the call to the authorities. 

The victim’s younger sister Chaweewan, 62, who lives in another district said her brother had pawned his and his son’s social security cards for 2,500 baht. 

He refused to give his son half of the money and she believed this was why he was murdered. 

Investigations continue.