Good news for drinkers in Chiang Mai – alcohol can be served in restaurants up to 9pm

Jun 23, 2021 | 

Chiang Mai has decided to buck the trend of allowing the serving of alcohol. 

From yesterday restaurants will be able to serve alcohol up to 9pm in the northern Thai city.

But after then local official Nok Sriwichainan said at a briefing on Covid-19 matters it would still be illegal. 

The pandemic still remains a concern in the province with most cases brought in from outside, reported Manager.

Large gatherings are still limited – only up to 150 people are allowed to congregate. 

The aim is to get 1.2 million people vaccinated there.

So far 152,021 jabs have gone into the arms of 11,692 people. 

810,700 have expressed a wish to be vaccinated.