Father, 72, does reenactment in Ubon after stabbing son, 51 to death outside his house

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Police in the Muang Samsip area of Ubon Ratchathani took a 72 year old man called Thannakit back to the scene of the crime after he murdered his son Dechthana, 51, reported 77kaoded.

He claimed his son started the altercation. 

The son had arrived at the house to demand that his father leave. 

A furious fight developed in which the father claimed he was hit first with a metal rod and needed to raise his arm to prevent serious injury. 

Angry that he had been attacked the father went to get a knife from a car and attacked his son who died some time later. 

The father called 1669 to report the incident and left the scene but was later taken into custody. 

He has now been charged and remains in custody.