Dog found guarding his owner’s dead body after she has a heart attack in Chiang Mai

Jun 21, 2021 | 

Chang Pheuak police and rescue services who arrived on the third floor at a block of flats in Chiang Mai couldn’t get near a woman who was dead in her room. 

That was because Duckdick, aged about ten, a mixed Thai/Bang Kaew breed of dog was guarding his master. 

A neighbor had to be called to take the dog away.

Chutikan, 46, was face down, naked deceased in bed having apparently suffered a cardiac arrest. Doctors performed an initial check and found no signs of foul play believing she probably died from a pre-existing condition, reported Channel 7.

A neighbor said that the victim came from Phitsanulok and was a clerk at an ice-factory.

Wanlapha, the manageress of the block, said that Duckdick’s previous owner was a policeman who lived next to the flats. 

Duckdick would often come in and befriended the lady. When the cop moved away he left the dog with her. 

Since her death Duckdick had been waiting forlornly in the car park waiting for his owner to return.

A neighbor has taken on his care initially before other arrangements can be made.