Death of billionaires at Koh Tao: New details emerge as police carry out poolside reenactment

Jun 09, 2021 | 

Daily News reported that “Big Police” descended on the area of the pool at the five star resort in Koh Tao yesterday where two Thai/Indian billionaires died on Friday.

And now it has emerged that the couple and their son decided to change hotels because one they had previously booked had a swimming pool that was too small. 

In addition the husband was found first and only some time later was the wife discovered under the water in a different location.

Rakeswar, 59, and Anshoo Sachathamakul, 55, were found dead at the pool on Friday.

They had earlier arrived with their 34 year old son Ratich for a holiday. 

Yesterday, Region 8 chief Lt-Gen Kitrat Phanpetch and his entourage carried out investigations and reenactments at the scene of what staff found.


Daily News

Daily News had pictures of a man apparently playing the part of Rakeswar in the pool while in another top cops and local police looked in the pool while media observed. 

Daily News said that originally the parents and their son had arrived at room P3 in another resort. 

But they decided to change after finding that the pool was too small unlike what had been advertised on the website and there was construction work going on. 

The son contacted the resort where the incident occurred by phone to change their plans and driver Pheerathorn Janthao went to pick them all up at 11 am. 

They were now given what the media called a “pool villa” to stay in. 

At this point the son and his mother enjoyed a bottle of beer each and some food before they went to their room at 12.17.

Hotel staff then got a call from the son who wanted to rent a kayak. They took his phone and bag for safekeeping. 

The parents then asked for the direction to the pool. Later the son asked for his possessions to be returned to him.

At 3.49 pm hotel staffer Airadar Jaimen heard the son calling in a panic four or five times from the pool area. She looked out but didn’t see anyone. 

At 4.01 pm she heard cries for help and went there and then alerted others to retrieve the body of the father who was lying unconscious on the steps leading into the pool.

He was unconscious. 

Two fellow staffers from Myanmar came to help and rescue calls were made to a foundation. Hospital staff over the phone gave basic instructions on how to perform CPR.

Then the son enquired as to the location of his mother. She was then found under the water on another side of the pool.

Both were taken to hospital but had died.