Father, 72, does reenactment in Ubon after stabbing son, 51 to death outside his house

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Police in the Muang Samsip area of Ubon Ratchathani took a 72 year old man called Thannakit back to the scene of the crime after he murdered his son Dechthana, 51, reported 77kaoded. He claimed his son started the altercation.  The son had arrived at the house to demand that his father leave.  A furious fight developed in which the father claimed he was hit first with a metal rod and needed to raise his arm to prevent serious injury.  Angry that he had been attacked the father went to get a knife from a car and attacked his son who died some time later.  The father called 1669 to report the incident and left the scene but was later taken into custody.  He has now been charged and remains in custody. 

Khon Kaen: Missing insurance ladies found dead in submerged pick-up

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Two ladies who sold insurance and who had been missing since June 23rd have been found dead.  They were in a submerged pick-up in a klong in the Ban Nayom area of Nam Pong district in Khon Kaen in the north east of Thailand.  Arunrat,52, had been driving the Toyota Revo that had been reported missing. In the passenger seat was 55 year old Nicha.  Initial investigations revealed they had died from lack of oxygen. There were no injuries on the bodies and all their possessions were intact.  The ladies had been to collect insurance premiums and had last been seen at a som tam restaurant where they stayed from 2 pm to 8.30 pm.  A Facebook appeal was launched after they failed to return home.  Nam Pong police said it looked like an accident noting that the driver may have been unfamiliar with the road that was unlit.  Tire marks were found on the road.  They are inclined to rule out murder in the case though investigations continue. 

Hunt on for son who murdered his dad over 1,250 baht

Jul 01, 2021 | 

A phu yai ban in the village of Ban Soknak, Buriram in Thailand’s north east, called in the police after a 72 year old man was found buried in a shallow grave behind his house.  Pol Capt Somkiat Lithaisong of the Ban Mai Chaiyaphot and forensic teams responded.  In an area partly concealed by coconut fronds they detected the unmistakable odor of decomposition.  In a one meter deep hole they found Pae,72, the owner of the house. He had multiple wounds probably inflicted by a scythe to his face, head, arms and body. His right ear had been severed in the ferocious attack. Bloodstains both within and outside the house indicated the victim had been murdered in a bedroom then dragged outside where he was buried.  He was found face down dressed in only shorts and wrapped in a bedsheet, reported Sanook.  Suspicion immediately fell on the son of the victim a 41 year old called Wichian who neighbor Wirat, 55, said he saw behaving suspiciously with a hammer before he packed up his clothes and fled several days prior.  He said that the son was into drugs and had attacked his father many times before.  A search for the missing Pae soon turned up the grave and resulted in the call to the authorities.  The victim’s younger sister Chaweewan, 62, who lives in another district said her brother had pawned his and his son’s social security cards for 2,500 baht.  He refused to give his son half of the money and

Comment rife about heavy school bags after Thai student needs surgery for bent spine

Jun 25, 2021 | 

Daily News reported that comment was widespread on Facebook after a post on Udonthani Update by the relative of a 15 year old student. The M4 (fourth year of secondary school) student needed emergency surgery when doctors found her spine bent after she complained of great pain. An appeal for group A blood was made though this was stood down after the family received the required donation.  The poster said that doctors thought the sine problem was caused by carrying a heavy school bag. This prompted many people online to comment on that issue. 

Netizens in uproar! Media investigates after claims that three year old is force-fed Mekhong and Lao Khao

Jun 23, 2021 | 

Daily News went to a village in the north east of Thailand after a clip appeared on a “So You Wanna Be famous” site online that suggested a three year old child had been forced to drink spirits.  Specifically whisky mixed with white spirits.  The mother of the child was seen forcing the child’s head down as the child vomited. Another woman was laughing. This made the netizens of Thailand very irate so reporters hot-footed it to Muang Surin. But they were rather stonewalled in their investigation.  Mum was nowhere to be found and so they spoke to the owner of the house who they referred to as Mr Sak.  He said the child’s mother was always organizing drinks parties at the house with friends with Mekhong whisky and Lao Khao (white spirits) being consumed, sometimes beer, sometimes food to go with it.  He couldn’t say whether the child had been forced to drink alcohol just that the child was usually there with mum.  The grandmother of the child was similarly evasive saying that she couldn’t see very well and needed a stick to walk.  The child spent the weekend with her and the week with other elderly relatives. 

Nong Bua Lamphu: Authorities prosecute case #77 for disobeying quarantine rules

Jun 21, 2021 | 

The governor of Nong Bua Lamphu province Siwaporn Chuasawat said that the district chief of Muang district Prayoon Aranrut had instructed a deputy to prosecute case #77 in the area for breaking quarantine rules. Regulations promulgated in 2015 and the emergency decree also in force were allegedly contravened. Daily News reported that there were now 82 cases of Covid-19 in the north eastern Thai province and rising. Most infections were brought back from seriously affected areas by returning workers going to visit their homes. 

Three girls drown in pond in Chaiyaphum

Jun 21, 2021 | 

Tragedy struck in the sub-district of Non Kok in Chaiyaphum on Saturday when three girls died in a pond in a field.  They were Cream, aged 5, Fang, 6, and ten year old Pam. They all lived next door to each other and were relatives.  They were found dead in a ten meter x five meter pond in a field behind their houses on Saturday evening.  Former phoo yai ban and grandfather of Cream, Buathong, 60, told Sanook that the children were playing in the street earlier in the day.  But they went missing and a search was organized.  A bucket was seen floating in the two meter deep pond and three pairs of shoes were found at the edge. Their muddied bodies were then retrieved. It is believed that the girls took the bucket to the pond to float in it but it overturned and in trying to help each other they all drowned.  None of them could swim. 

1,000 year old jars and artifacts discovered in Surin field

Jun 21, 2021 | 

Ancient artifacts including 16 clay jars have been found in a field in the village of Among in Tha Sawang sub-district of Surin in Thailand’s north eastern region.  Janya Rungreuang, 48, owns the land and was building a waterway and farm area known as a Khok Nong Na Model. She said that the artifacts did not reveal themselves at first but the rains exposed one jar that were observed by relatives. Locals thought it might be 300 years old. The Fine Arts department were called in and the area was turned into an archaeological site with 16 jars and a wealth of other artifacts located all in the same spot, reported Daily News.  They think it is evidence of a community that lived there more than 1,000 years ago. 

Online appeal launched to fly home elderly British man taken seriously ill in Korat

Jun 21, 2021 | 

The family of a British man seriously ill in hospital in Korat have launched an online appeal to help with his return to the UK. Gary Short, 73, from Gloucester, had been stuck in Thailand due to the pandemic when he suffered a stroke on June 7. Mr Short has been left with paralysis of his right side and cannot speak or swallow.  He initially had travel insurance but that has since expired and was unable to renew it due to his age, Gloucester Live reported. Now Mr Short’s daughters have launched an online appeal to help pay for his treatment and to fly him back to the UK. The family hope to raise £20,000 but have been told by the Foreign Office the cost for Mr Short to return to the UK could be as much as £80,000. Speaking to Gloucestershire Live, daughter Vanessa said: “Dad did have insurance initially but it lapsed and when he tried to get it re-issued they wouldn’t insure him because of his age and his medical conditions (co-morbidities)”.  “With Covid he didn’t come back and it was safer there than here as their cases were so low, and has a good circle of English friends out there helping us through this. It’s a very complicated situation. Believe me we have tried every which way.” Vanessa said her and sister Tracy have been able to see their father via video link and have been given hope by the bit of progress their father seems to be making.

Khon Kaen school lunch campaign praised by netizens, fried chicken top choice among students

Jun 17, 2021 | 

Schoolchildren were the center of attention at a school in Khon Kaen yesterday when a project called “Lunch and Learn” was kicked off.  The youngsters at Ban Non Chai School were given a choice of ten set menus that would be prepared by celebrity chefs. They were asked to vote for their preference, reported Daily News.  It was one of the events leading up to the “Isaan Food 2021 Festival” that is set to run from July 9th to August 15th. But the kids were in no doubt which menu they preferred with KFC and Cole Slaw plus Farang Kim Joo (guava) for afters. In this case KFC stood for Kwantip’s Fried Chicken, one of the celebrity chefs.