Thai/Italian couple in apparent murder/suicide after police fake Viagra raid – cop injured

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Thai Rath reported that Consumer Protection Police surrounded a two story property on Petkasem Highway in Prachuap Khirikhan yesterday morning and were preparing to present a search warrant. They had been investigating the sale of fake Viagra online. Inside the cement house was 38 year old Wijit Phothilam from Phetchabun and 61 year old Marko Rassu from Italy, reported Sanook.  Pol Maj Theera Phanthuwong from the CPP said they were going to search the house and had a warrant. The drama unfolded at Moo 10, Petchkasem heading south in Ban Don Hang, Muang district, opposite the Toyota showroom. Wijit appeared at a top floor balcony and said they were not ready for a search. He called 191 as a delaying tactic and further announced that he would kill himself if the officers came in.  He mentioned that someone was sick with an underlying health condition as the standoff lasted several hours.  At 11 am Wijit came down to inspect the search warrant giving the opportunity for officers to burst in utilizing an outside staircase. This prompted the Italian man to fire four shots from a 9mm gun at Pol Sergeant Sadayu Saenyot who ducked and fell from the second floor injuring his right arm.  Back-up was requested as Muang district chief Pol Col Samer Yusamran and a special task force arrived and provincial chief Pol Maj-Gen Wanchai Tharanatham headed to the scene.  At 12.30 pm many shots were heard from the property and officers went into a second floor bedroom. In a

Hua Hin: Local authority working on app to register people for 50,000 doses of Sinopharm

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Mayoral advisor Aphikhun Sirakhunchai said after a meeting of local officials in Hua Hin yesterday that they would be spending 50 million baht on Sinopharm vaccine. They have put in a request for 50,000 doses for 25,000 people and expect it to be sorted out next month.  Picture: Ban Muang A deputy mayor is working on an application to be used for registration for the vax, reported Ban Muang.   Eligible people will be those between 18 and 80 who are registered as living in the Hua Hin area. 

Thai husband shows his undying love – tattoos marriage certificate on his arm

Jul 01, 2021 | 

A Hua Hin man is unlikely to be straying very far from his wife who he married last year. Nantawat or Geng, 34, told Prachuap Post that he had always been into tattoos and when he went on the internet and saw someone had done a Thai marriage certificate for him it was a no brainer. He had to have one too, to show his undying love to his sweetheart Um-Im, 31. The couple who have a restaurant together in the Hua Hin area, got married in March last year after she got pregnant. They had known each other for three years. Picture: Prachuap Post Geng went to Jak Tattoo a shop he has known for years and entrusted a lady tattooist called Jirarat, 27, to do the work. It was a very tricky job said the tattooist who has been in the trade 5 years.  It took six hours to complete on Friday and looked perfect in every respect. They had to be careful there were no spelling mistakes and the real name of the wife is extremely long.  Geng said he put it on his right arm as his wife was as important as his limb and he always wanted to be reminded of being married especially if they argue or fall out. 

Prachuap boy racers, 14, nabbed – parents and motorcycle shop also face charges

Jun 28, 2021 | 

The chief of police in Prachuap Khiri Khan province Maj-Gen Wanchai Tharanatham acted after a clip that attracted much attention online that showed two boys lying down on motorbikes and racing along the Petchkasem Highway in the Bang Saphan area. Two 14 year olds were soon in custody. Their bikes were confiscated.  The boys were charged with negligent riding without thought of the safety of other road users.  Their parents were also called in and charged under regulations related to not looking after their children properly. Picture: New TV Next it was a prosecution for the Thap Sakae bike shop that illegally modified their vehicles, reported New 18 TV. Maj-Gen Wanchai said it was the RTP chief Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk’s policy to crack down on illegal street racers, reported New TV.  He urged people to call 1599 or 191 with information and reminded the public they can get 3,000 baht for tips that lead to prosecutions. 

Hua Hin to dump their trash in Phetchaburi 115 kms away

Jun 24, 2021 | 

Authorities in Hua Hin have been caught on the hop after the army at Thanarat Camp ended a 20 year agreement to allow their trash to be dumped in a landfill there.  Deputy governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Chamaiporn Amphaijit held a crisis meeting with her refuse teams to discuss the situation after the Pranburi area was told the army would forbid dumping from July 1st. New TV reported that Hua Hin generates an average of 170 tons of waste per day, sometimes as high as 190 tons.  The temporary solution to the problem is that the authority will transport the trash to a landfill operated in the Khao Yoi area by Ang Rungroj Co Ltd who charge 321 baht a ton for dumping on their 2,000 rai of land.  But that is 115 kms from Hua Hin so the administration there are after a more cost effective long term solution that will not be beset by red-tape difficulties in dumping trash across provincial lines.  The media said sources in the administration in Hua Hin are looking into the possibility of building a waste treatment plant that will convert the trash into electricity.

Amazing video shows the moment elephant breaks into house in Hua Hin

Jun 21, 2021 | 

Householder Ratchadawan, 29, in the Huay Sat Yai sub-district of Hua Hin got a sensational picture on her mobile phone at 2 am Saturday/Sunday night.  And a hole in the side of her one story concrete house! Ratchadawan and her family were fast asleep when there was a great noise from the kitchen.  It was male elephant Bunchuay who had demolished the wall and come for a snack! Fortunately the kitchen counter impeded his progress or goodness knows what might have happened.  Bunchuay grabbed a bite to eat then fled the scene into the darkness of the night.  Ratchadawan waited until morning to tell the local park rangers what had happened.  The park said they would be liaising with the local authorities and the military to repair the damage. Bunchuay is a frequent mischief maker in the area having caused damage before and is well-known to the locals. He is often seen walking the lonely streets at night looking for food, reported Sanook.  Thaivisa notes that despite the damage and the scare, the picture obtained on the lady’s phone could be a candidate for news picture of the year!

Prachuap: Local official died of lung infection after recovering from Covid-19

Jun 21, 2021 | 

Sanook reported on the death of a Prachuap Khiri Khan registration department official who died of a serious lung infection after recovering from Covid-19. Wannee Khongthong, 57, based at the Muang district office, caught Covid along with two colleagues after visiting bedridden people in the area to help them with registration and benefits matters.  She spend three days in hospital in April then until the end of that month she was quarantined at a field hospital in the Prachuap Sam Ao Hotel.  After recovering she went back to work but on May 27th she started getting a fever. This time she was negative for Covid but ultimately had an infection in both her lungs that caused her to only have 20% of her breathing capacity. She was placed on a respirator but died yesterday evening.  Funeral bathing rites are being held for her until Monday at Wat Koh Lak in Muang district. 

Hua Hin: Pubs and bars remain shut – local authority say they must follow CCSA directives

Jun 17, 2021 | 

Local journalist in the seaside town of Hua Hin Kulsawek Sawekwannakorn reported on Facebook that pubs, bars and karaokes in the area will remain shut. This despite pleas to the Prachuap Khiri Khan authorities to allow them to reopen. The authorities said they were following Center for Covid Situation Awareness directives and any change in the closure policy would come from them.  Sulawek noted that also high on the agenda at a meeting chaired by the provincial governor yesterday was the provision of vaccine with requests having been made for Sinopharm vaccine and measures underway so that they do not double up on government supplies of vaccine.  He did not report which authorities had made such requests – Thaivisa has already reported that Tha Yang in Phetchaburi and Pattaya in Chonburi have already filed for Sinopharm supplies from the Chulabhorn Royal Academy.  So far 64,000 people in Prachuap have applied to be vaccinated. 

Hua Hin: More Covid-19 cases at two factories

Jun 10, 2021 | 

New TV reported that most of Prachuap Khiri Khan’s new Covid cases were at two factories.  Local department of health official Dr Suriya Khuharat said after a meeting that there were 91 new cases bringing the total to 1,929 in the province.  Some 1,624 people had recovered and 301 were undergoing treatment. A total of 85 of the new cases were at the Dole Thailand pineapple canning factory. These were 78 workers from Myanmar and 7 Thais.  This brought the total of cases there to 221. A field hospital had been created among worker accommodation . A total of 1,064 workers were now back on the job after completing 14 day quarantine. Protocols under the “Good Factory Practce” were being followed. Meanwhile at Surachai Poultry Foods in Hin Lek Fai another Covid case was found bringing the total to 100. Production had stopped there and deep cleaning was underway. The authorities also announced that in the province 23,203 people had received a first dose of Sinovac vaccine and 13,699 had been jabbed once with Astra Zeneca. A total of 12,200 people had received two doses of Sinovac.  

No vax for teachers! Private schools in Hua Hin to remain shut until July – pub prosecutions stall

Jun 10, 2021 | 

Thai media reported that the Hua Hin Ban Rao site announced that all private schools in Hua Hin would remain closed until July 1st. The opening for Term 1 of the new academic year has already been delayed now parents face further time with their children at home.  The news came via the private school association’s Chanothai Charoenneuang.  The reasons are threefold – continuing Covid-19 infections, concern from parents about reopening and the fact there has not been enough vaccine to inoculate teachers at private schools.  Meanwhile the deputy governor of Prachuap Khiri Kkhan province has reportedly followed up the prosecution of Maya Pub where a large cluster of Covid-19 cases followed the March 30th Joey Boy concert.  Officials filed a police complaint on April 11th but there has been no progress and the officials in the province want to know why the foot dragging.  It was also reported that three other pubs in the area where there were Covid cases continued to operate in early April without any action whatsoever.  These included Line Up, Raroeng Cheun Bar and Thong Suk.