Myanmar crepe seller and step mum appeal for help alleging abduction by policeman in Nonthaburi

Jul 02, 2021 | 

Sanook reported on an alarming case of a seller of Japanese crepes from Myanmar who claims he was abducted and threatened by a man who claimed he was a policeman in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi.  The man’s step mother Jamlong, 50, went with Mack, 32, to seek the help of a lawyer called Pong.  She said she had known Mack since he was a child and when he grew up she legally adopted him. He was a hard worker who always supported her. He sold the crepes on a mobile stall. Mack had had trouble with the Myanmar mafia who ran a protection racket but that was tolerable.  Then came the pandemic and times got harder. But this was nothing compared to what happened on Sunday, they claimed.  Mack was outside when a man who claimed he was a policeman with the Bang Bua Thong force arrived in a taxi driven by another man aged about 40. The stepmum rushed out to film but had her phone hurled to one side and broken. Mack was bundled into the back of the taxi and driven off from Rewadee Soi 7 to an area behind Sanam Bin Nam in the downtown Nonthaburi district. He was repeatedly threatened with being killed and told that his “mother” could not help him now.  However, after seeing on the Myanmar guy’s phone that his paperwork was in order they let him go with a warning to “watch yourself in the future”. The lawyer said he would

Thai man arrested and 40 million in assets seized in Facebook “locked numbers” lottery fraud

Jul 01, 2021 | 

The Department of Special Investigation chief Pol Lt-Col Korawat Panpraphakorn and the head of the Government Lottery Office attended a press conference yesterday to announce the arrest of a Thai man who they say was defrauding the public and damaging the name of the GLO. Arrested was Jaturong who vigorously denies any wrongdoing.  His house and land, 33 bank accounts, a BMW Z4, two motorcycles, amulets and watches worth 40 million baht were seized, reported Daily News.  Police say that with others he fraudulently said that he had access to so called “locked numbers” or two and three digit final numbers for the state lottery. This was all untrue. He used to GLO logo to make it appear that he was genuine.  Once people were ensnared they were charged up to 1,000 baht membership fees on Line then additional charges for the numbers. Police claim that Jaturong was making up to a million baht for each lottery draw.

Bangkok: Met police crack motorcycle theft gang case – bikes ended up abroad for 7,000 baht

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Metropolitan police chief Pol Lt-Gen Phakkhapong Pongpettra along with station chiefs from several Bangkok jurisdictions announced the busting of a gang stealing motorcycles from the city and surrounding areas of the Thai capital.  Cars and tools were taken into evidence and four arrests were made:Dee Dee, 37, Moo, 34, Jane, 22, and forty six year old Noo. The gang was led by Dee Dee and was known as “Dee Dee Tha Ma Ka” after the district of Kanchanaburi in the west of Thailand where they all hailed from. Police explained that the gang had been stealing over the last three months after Dee Dee got out of prison earlier this year after serving time for stealing motorcycles.  The gang would travel from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok where they would target bikes parked at flats, condos and apartments in areas they were familiar with. they had previously lived in Ramkhamhaeng.  Many thefts took place in Thung Song Hong and Klong Tan jurisdictions.  Picture: Daily News Their modus operandi was to steal one bike then use it in the act of stealing up to four other bikes in a night. They would then dump the first bike to try and put police off their trail.  They would then return to Kanchanaburi before selling the bikes that would be taken to a “neighboring country” (that can be assumed to be Myanmar, notes Thaivisa) for 7,000 each.  Police got on their trail and that of the money that was generated.  The role of a person

Twenty employees of Chinese backed loan sharking operation manage to flee despite RTP top brass raid

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Twenty employees of a Chinese backed loan sharking operation managed to “flee the scene” despite a raid by top brass Thai police. The raiding party at Phailin Park on Ratanathibet Road Soi 28 in Nonthaburi was headed by Pol Maj-Gen Suwat Saengnum accompanied by Pol Col Pornsak Laorujiralai and Pol Col Bunleu Phadungthin armed with a search warrant and assisted by other officers. There were 50 employees at three buildings but 20 managed to escape arrest. 130 computers were taken into evidence. The equipment was spread throughout the converted offices at the three, four story buildings.  Police said that the loan sharking operation – through “Chang Pheuak and Chang Archeep ‘best loans” sites – had been running for years. But they were constantly moving around and had been located in Chiang Rai, Phetchaburi and Chonburi in the past. They had been in their present offices for the last two months.  A Chinese investor is behind the business.  Naew Na made much of the “cruel” nature of the loans largely skirting over the fact so many people slipped away, notes Thaivisa.  Forty percent of the loan was subtracted at source but the full amount had to be repaid.  That is to say if someone borrowed 2,000 baht they would only get 1,200 baht but when the loan period is up – usually 7 days – they would have to repay the full 2,000 baht. After that interest is usually charged on top.

Knifeman escapes with 60 baht weight in gold jewellery from Lotus in Pathum Thani

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Pathum Thani provincial police are investigating after a man armed with a knife stole 60 baht weight in gold jewelry from Bangkok Golds on the second floor of the Lotus store in Klong 2 Lam Lukka last night. Staff at the store said they were just closing for the day but there were still shoppers in the mall. They were approached by a man in a hoodie who produced a 15 inch kitchen knife and told them to be quiet. Picture: Daily News He got away with 6 ten baht weight gold necklaces (that at today’s prices are worth in excess of 1.6 million baht, notes Thaivisa). It was all over in 20 seconds. The cops have clear CCTV to help them crack the case, reported Daily News. 

Man faces year in jail after huge cannabis farm found in Bangkok

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Certain regulations in Thailand about marijuana products may have been eased in recent years but Daily News reported on a case that is a timely reminder that recreational use and certainly the growing of the drug for that purpose remains punishable by heavy fines or years in prison. Pol Lt-Gen Jiraphat Phoomjit and an arrest team armed with a search warrant from the Minburi court went to a five story business premises in Wacharaphon Road in Bang Khen. There they arrested the owner Jirawit, 31.  The first floor was a business selling curtains and snacks on a stick and coffee. The second floor was residential. But on the third floor were 200 plants about 5 to 7 inches high in pots in a very cool air room. Drug taking and extraction equipment was found.  On the third floor was another organic grow section with 19 mature plants with flowers about one meter in height each.  The fifth floor was just storage.  Police said that Jirawit had admitted to growing ganja for two years. He would get “Cherry” seeds from the US via Facebook for 500 baht and had invested 50,000 baht in equipment. His electricity bill was 18,000 baht a month. Via the post he would sell 5 cc of extract for 500 baht, small plants for 200-300 baht and fully grown plants for 15,000 baht.  He faces five years in jail and/or 500,000 baht in fines.  If it can be proven that a suspect has 10 kilos or more of marijuana

Immigration latest: Dutchman selling dodgy cars, Chinese taking out babies and illegal Cambodians

Jul 01, 2021 | 

The head of Thailand’s Immigration Bureau Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang gave details of the latest arrests of foreigners up to no good in the kingdom.  There were three cases.  First up was Stanley R, 35, from the Netherlands. An informant told the police that this man was running a second hand car business on Facebook called Car Planet and there were many cars there with fake registration. He was picked up at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 72 and found to be on a TEN year overstay.  He would buy cars from people in Pattaya who could no longer keep up with the payments, put on a fake registration and sell them to new buyers. He’d been doing this for a long time.  Picture: Daily News Secondly at Suvarnabhumi airport Region 2 officers stopped two Chinese nationals taking two boys aged six months and one year out of the country.  The children were not theirs and had fake birth certificates. The parents of the children were all Thai.  The IB are investigating a children for sale/ surrogacy  racket. The third case featured the arrest of two Thai men and five Cambodians  Two men called Boy (a Cambodian) and Yai (a Thai) who are still on the loose would tour around Bangkok and surrounding areas in bright colored vans touting for Cambodians who wanted to pay 6,500 baht to be taken home across natural land borders, reported Daily News.  The vans were pink, orange and green and were characteristic of the gang. The arrests were made

A hundred victims after luxury rental cars sold in 400 million baht scam

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Around 100 victims of a big luxury car sales fraud have gone to the Crime Suppression Division to register complaints. One of the victims called Niyanuch told INN that through an elder friend she had been introduced to a man selling a BMW for 20% under the market price.  The seller said the reason for the cheap price was that it was evidence in a criminal case.  She would have to pay cash for the car and would get the registration documents in 3-6 months. Instead a rental company turned up to say the car was theirs and that she had been duped. They took it away and she was left with no car and no money.  She soon found out there were dozens more in the same boat.  It appears that a man called “No” who formerly ran a rental business hit on hard times.  He had the idea to rent cars from other companies and sell them to third parties.  Eventually he was unable to keep up the rental payments and the firm he rented from went to get their property back. Losses are thought to be 400 million baht in the scam. 

CCSA defends late decision on announcement of new regulations saying it must all be lawful

Jul 01, 2021 | 

The Centre for Covid Situation Administration spokesman has defended the timing of the announcement of new rules that sealed construction camps in the Thai capital Bangkok.  There was huge criticism as workers who got wind of the impending announcement took off for the countryside – something that the government and CCSA were trying to avoid, notes Thaivisa.  Dr Taveesilp Visanuyotin said that the new restrictions had to follow the law and be fit for purpose so they could be used correctly by the authorities.  This took time so it was not until late on Saturday night until it was sorted. He claimed that Thais enjoy a measure of personal freedom based around the law but now asked for people to pull together for the benefit of all.  He reiterated that the latest restrictions referred to big and small construction camps and the BTS construction that would also cease. The plan is to shut down construction for 30 days in an effort to restrict further spread of Covid-19. But as workers took off up-country ahead of the announcement that turned into what Daily News said was the latest “drama”. 

1,500 employees at Nonthaburi factory call for its closure after 60 workers infected with Covid

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Daily News reported that a weaving factory in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, remained open yesterday despite 1,500 employees protesting that it should be shut fearing the spread of Covid-19 and a new big cluster. On Sunday night two vans had arrived with health staff in protective suits from Kasemrat Inter Hospital and taken away 60 men and women who had tested positive for Covid.  They were bound for a field hospital. As the news spread by morning there were 1,500 people protesting to close the factory and give benefits. There were also calls for mass testing and only then should people who are negative be allowed to go back to work.  The factory is foreign owned and has not yet closed. Daily News did not name the factory or say how many employees there were in total.