Bangkok: Met police crack motorcycle theft gang case – bikes ended up abroad for 7,000 baht

Jul 01, 2021 | 

Metropolitan police chief Pol Lt-Gen Phakkhapong Pongpettra along with station chiefs from several Bangkok jurisdictions announced the busting of a gang stealing motorcycles from the city and surrounding areas of the Thai capital. 

Cars and tools were taken into evidence and four arrests were made:Dee Dee, 37, Moo, 34, Jane, 22, and forty six year old Noo.

The gang was led by Dee Dee and was known as “Dee Dee Tha Ma Ka” after the district of Kanchanaburi in the west of Thailand where they all hailed from.

Police explained that the gang had been stealing over the last three months after Dee Dee got out of prison earlier this year after serving time for stealing motorcycles. 

The gang would travel from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok where they would target bikes parked at flats, condos and apartments in areas they were familiar with. they had previously lived in Ramkhamhaeng. 

Many thefts took place in Thung Song Hong and Klong Tan jurisdictions. 


Picture: Daily News

Their modus operandi was to steal one bike then use it in the act of stealing up to four other bikes in a night. They would then dump the first bike to try and put police off their trail. 

They would then return to Kanchanaburi before selling the bikes that would be taken to a “neighboring country” (that can be assumed to be Myanmar, notes Thaivisa) for 7,000 each. 

Police got on their trail and that of the money that was generated. 

The role of a person called Bank who featured in the vinyl board on show yesterday was not explained by Daily News in their story.